Using Food as a Reward

Using food as a reward for children or yourself is a bad concept. Children shouldn’t be taught that receiving food for good behavior or encouragement for a ‘task well done’ is their reward. Rather, they should be taught that food is to fuel the body; to provide the body the nutrients it needs to grow. What might be alternative rewards then? Here are a few non-food rewards for children and for yourself:

For children:

Children Playing

      • Receiving extra screen time or cell phone time
      • A trip to the park or their favorite store
      • Playing board games as a family or one-on-one
      • Watching a special movie
      • Play dates

For adults:

      • Purchase a new book
      • Lunch with a friend
      • A new exercise outfit
      • Date with your significant other
      • Watch your favorite t.v. series

Whichever you decide on for your reward system, whether it be a simple sticker reward board for your little one, or a cup of Starbucks for you, remember that food should be primarily used to fuel the body of wholesome nutrients.