Chiropractic Techniques

The Ford Chiropractic doctors are trained in a variety of chiropractic techniques in order to provide the best possible outcome for their patients’ health.

Diversified Technique –
If you have back pain, neck pain, or spinal problems, your chiropractor may use the most common form of chiropractic technique called the Diversified Technique as part of your treatment therapy.  The Diversified Technique involves the manipulation and adjustment of the spinal column.

The Diversified Technique is applied swiftly and you may hear a ‘popping’ sound as the spine and joints are adjusted into alignment.  The technique is one of the most commonly used forms of manipulation in the chiropractic field, and consists entirely of manual adjustments.  There are no tools or devices used to perform the adjustment, just the chiropractor’s hands.

This technique is the most efficient and effective form of manual spinal manipulation and the alignment can often be achieved in one chiropractic session.

Gonstead Technique – The Gonstead Technique was developed in 1923 by Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin, and has been used since for a variety of conditions.  The focus of the Gonstead Technique is to be as specific and precise as possible, addressing the areas of subluxation-the areas where the spine is out of alignment and is causing a pinched nerve.  It is the goal of the chiropractor to increase muscle and joint mobility by correcting any interference to the nervous system caused by the subluxation.

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) – The Sacro Occiptal Technique is designed to normalize nerve communications between the brain and the spine so the body can heal itself quickly and as naturally as possible.  The chiropractor will analyze your body and determine where the precise nerve imbalance is located.  He will position the body in a way that the weight of the body will act as resistance.  The goal is to normalize cranial sacral respiratory action, therefore restoring nerve communications between the nerve and the spine, allowing the body to heal.

Thompson Technique – The Thompson Technique involves analyzing the length of your legs.  After the chiropractor analyzes the length of your legs, he will determine which type of misalignment you have (i.e. cervical, pelvic, etc.) and then adjust the legs using a ‘drop table’ for the adjustment. This technique applies a gentle thrust to the specific joint or tissue.  Once the adjustment is made, then the joint will normalize and begin to heal itself.

Toggle Recoil Technique – The Toggle Recoil Technique is a method used for an upper cervical adjustment.  Its technique is to achieve the most relaxed state of the patient while the chiropractor himself relaxes his arms and shoulders before the adjustment.  Once this relaxation is accomplished, the chiropractor provides external force with great speed, followed by a quick withdrawal of the contact point of his adjusting hand.  This in turn, does not resist the natural ‘recoil’ of the patient.  The goal is to enable the internal intelligence of the patient to perform its role in accomplishing the adjustment.

A variety of chiropractic techniques may be used to treat your condition.  Please ask your chiropractor if you have any questions or concerns about the technique used for your treatment.

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