What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is a specialized procedure your chiropractor uses to release your body from the stress caused by a subluxation.

A subluxation is an alteration in your structural system that interferes with the body’s system of nerve communication. More simply defined, a subluxation is when one or more of your bones in the spine (known as vertebrae) move out of position and create pressure in or irritate the areas surrounding your nerves.  The spinal nerves are located between the vertebrae and branch out from these bones.  When there is pressure or irritation on these nerves, the nerves then send out improper signals or miscommunicate to the other parts of your body. Therefore, your body will not function at 100% and will not be working properly.  Your body is always trying to realign itself and return to a state of relaxation. When your body is out of alignment, it is unnatural and therefore under stress.

Your chiropractor will perform a structural analysis to determine where your spine is out of alignment and how many misalignment or subluxations you have. Your chiropractor will then determine the following:

  • In which direction is the subluxation out of alignment?
    Ford Chiropractic Clinic chiropractic adjustment

    A type of chiropractic adjustment your doctor at the Ford Chiropractic Clinic might make.

  • What is the minimal amount of force necessary for realignment?
  • Which chiropractic technique will be best to use for this realignment?
  • Are there any contraindications that would get in the way of this realignment?
  • Is the patient relaxed enough to accomplish this realignment?

Once these questions are answered, then your chiropractor will make the manual adjustment accordingly. The adjustment is unlocking the jammed tissues and nearby body parts from their ‘stuck’ positions. Once the adjustment is made, these body parts are free to move where they are supposed to be in the body thereby reducing or eliminating the subluxation.  This will then allow the nerves to begin proper communication once again within the body.  Sometimes, this process will take a series of adjustments while other times a single adjustment can be made.

The doctors at Ford Chiropractic Clinic have years of chiropractic experience and are trained in many chiropractic techniques with which they will choose the technique or techniques that are best suited for your specific condition. Please contact us should you have any questions.

It is our pleasure to serve the Stevens Point and Plover area communities! If you know of anyone in need of chiropractic care, we appreciate your referrals.

Thank you!

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