Sports Injuries

Ford Chiropractic Clinic treats sports injuries

Ford Chiropractic can help in the healing process of your sports injuries

Many athletes use chiropractic care as a means of staying healthy and strong.  Famous athletes like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Tiki Barber along with Olympic athletes and ESPN’s X Games all use chiropractic care to better their reaction time, coordination and strength.  2010 Winter Olympics, for the first time in history, had chiropractic care fully integrated in caring for the athletes.

Chiropractic care influences balance and coordination.  It helps prevent injuries and relieves stress on the body that often is incurred during such strenuous exercise.  That is why the National Football League (NFL) and many famous athletic teams have chiropractors on their staff.  Chiropractic care is useful in all sports including football, tennis, swimming, baseball, aerobics and track.  Whether you are five or eighty-five, chiropractic care can benefit the famous athlete as well as the backyard competitor.

Sports injuries almost always shake your spine resulting in misalignment (also known as subluxations) of your vertebrae.  Chiropractic care can balance your spinal column and relieve stress on your muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

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