Spine and Disc Degeneration

Ford Chiropractic Clinic treats spine and disc degeneration

Ford Chiropractic can assist with relief from spine and disc degeneration

One day you stand facing the mirror and realize you look shorter.  Or, you stand next to your grown daughter/son and think they’ve grown taller but realize you must have shrunk.  While it may seem to happen overnight, your height actually shrinks through a span of many years.  This process is called spine and disc degeneration and is usually caused by years of subluxations in your spine and body structure.

Spine and disc degeneration begins with your spinal bones changing shape; your discs swelling then shrinking; your ligaments, tendons and muscles tightening and weakening; and your spinal column, hips and shoulder girdle losing its balance, flexibility and strength.  At the same time, your nerves, body chemistry and internal organs are also being affected.  When this happens, you tend to have a more difficult time adapting to the stresses in life, you lose your energy, and the loss of your height becomes apparent.

Chiropractic care can reduce, slow or even reverse spinal degeneration by improving your balance, flexibility, and posture, and keeping your joints, nerves and discs healthy and strong throughout your life.

The earlier the degeneration process can be identified and treated, the better chance the patient has to reverse the condition.  Prevention is the best possible approach.  The best prevention plan is to routinely visit your chiropractor to correct these subluxations before they become a problem.

All types of stress–whether it may be emotional, physical, or environmental–will affect your nervous system, which will then affect your spinal structure and create subluxations.

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