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Feeling Great! at Ford Chiropractic

Ford Chiropractic wants you to feel great too!

The Ford Chiropractic Clinic recognizes the benefit in educating our patients with regard to their health.  We feel it is important to help you understand your condition and assist you through chiropractic care to improve or eliminate that condition.  In educating our patients, we are certain that you will be able to make better health care decisions.

Our patients understand that chiropractic care is about health and wellness–not just about easing symptoms.

Ford Chiropractic values its patients and believes in treating the whole person rather than just the ailment.  With the information provided in this area, we hope that you will find it useful to achieving your optimum health.

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Ford Chiropractic Clinic continues to accept new patients from the Stevens Point, Plover and surrounding communities.  Please call our office today and schedule a new patient visit.  You will be glad you did!

“My son and I have been going to the Ford Chiropractic Clinic for about 25 years. My son got a pedicle broken off of a vertebra in his back during wrestling practice 16 years ago. It took the medical doctors 6 months to diagnose this correctly. In the meantime, my son was in excruciating pain. One extremely painful Saturday, out of all the doctors my son was seeing, the only one we could get a hold of for any help was Dr. Ford, who saw him that day and did a very gentle adjustment. This is just one example, over the years, of Dr. Ford’s dedication to his patients. Whenever I have had trouble with my back or neck, even when it’s not time for one of my “tune-ups”, I have been able to get in to see one of the doctors that same day or the next. There have been times when some of my family from out of town have needed an adjustment and they have been able to see someone at the clinic and get relief instead of being miserable the whole time they were here. Everyone at the Ford Chiropractic Clinic is very caring, pleasant, helpful and interested in their patients’ well being.” …Katherine K.

“I was very happy with the treatment that was provided to me. The adjustments and exercises that were done alleviated my pain in a very short time. I highly recommend the providers at Ford Chiropractic! Their staff was also very courteous and helpful.” …Sharyn K.