A Healthier Home – Part 4 ~ Antibacterial Soaps

In today’s discussions of “A Healthier Home – Part 4” we will discuss anti-bacterial soaps.  We all want to eliminate germs and bacteria in our home.  We want to keep viruses away and food-borne illnesses, right?  However, we tend to overuse these anti-bacterial products and by doing so, they can promote drug-resistant bacteria.  Antibacterial compounds also have been connected to harmful health effects.

Triclosan is a compound in these products that can lead to allergies, thyroid and endocrine disruption, weight gain, tumors in the liver and kidneys and create inflammatory responses.

The best recommendation is to wash your hands with mild soap and warm water for an effective period of time to wash away these disease-causing bacteria.

Next up:  how to clean your house using natural products